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I am an artist who specialize in everything and i love to cosplay as well. I always listen to Serj Tankian or others alike. I am a happy person, but as much as i am happy, i can be sad, mad, or anything else. I mainly love anime, especially One Piece and I also love Sonic the Hedgehog and Co.

Five Nights At Freddys Fan Button by Mx-RobotnikBonnie Fan Button by ButtonsMakerBonnie Fan Button by Mx-RobotnikANIMATED Bonnie 2.0 Fan Button (FNAF 2) by NadsDeidreFoxy Fan Button by Mx-RobotnikChica Fan Button by Mx-RobotnikJonTron Fan Button by FrankRTfive nights at freddy's stamp by kawaiicunt-stamps:Five night's at Freddy's: Bonnie stamp by Stamps-ForWhoWantBonnie 2.0 STAMP (Five Nights at Freddy's 2) by NadsDeidreFoxy pounces STAMP (Five Nights at Freddy's 2) by NadsDeidre:Five night's at Freddy's: Fredy stamp by Stamps-ForWhoWant:Five night's at Freddy's: Chica stamp by Stamps-ForWhoWant:Five night's at Freddy's: Foxy stamp by Stamps-ForWhoWantJontron Fan Button by ButtonsMakerBoopin'-Ass Stamp 3 by FliteWulf:thumb319190034:Boopin'-Ass Stamp 4 by FliteWulf:thumb386625874:Game Grumps Stamp by sar-donyxNot the Grump Stamp by depp:thumb345827393:Joining the crew by Okami-MoonyMonkey D Luffy - More Than Anime Character by renealexaSerj Tankian Stamp by Kezzi-RoseSerj Tankian by joelb31serj tankian icon by CartoonKokoSerj avatar by czarnawdowa13Serj Av by BucholSerj Tankian by czarnawdowa13Serj. by czarnawdowa13Serj playing with a lamp by Tankian-Fanserj tankian icon xILOVEhimx by CartoonKokoSerj Tankian Avatar by SugaSuga42serj by radicalxpilotSky Is Over by pure07ecstacyserj tankian by AnnaZinovievaSerj Tankian - Dance2 by Tankian-FanSerj Tankian by LadyTankianSerj Tankian by LadyTankianSerj Av 3 by BucholSerj Av 2 by BucholOne Piece Chopper Stamp by erjanksChopper by Nikshi:Luigi's Mansion 2 Stamp by KevfinLuigi Stamp by Irish-InvaderLuigi: More than a sidekick by LiMT-ArtStamp - Team Luigi by coffeefanatic3462Luigi stamp by KisaShikaLuigi Stamp by yukidarkfanMario Stamp by yukidarkfanMeta Knight Stamp by yukidarkfanMETA KNIGHT IS EPIC by oceanographergrlLucario Stamp by yukidarkfanSonic Stamp by yukidarkfanSonic is still Gold by HatakeMirukonTo whiny fans. by ARTic-WeatherNew Sonic in 5 minutes by The-Real-SykoNot all Sonic fans are idiots by SA948-StampsDespite the certain people in the fandom... by AwesomeLurkerSonic fan stamp by TheLeetCasualGamer:thumb294673559:Proud Sonic Artist Stamp by Karmarsi-KedamokiSONIC GALLERY by ScittyKittySonic Music Stamp by Ana-MaeShame on you by HornedStormNUTS by Gryphon-HBBaldy McNosehair Stamp by UnbreakableBondSonic fandom stamp by Akanes-StampsSilver needs respect by sahara-lynneRivals - Not Hate by SA948-StampsTeam Dark - Not Shadouge by SA948-StampsThis Machine is NOT Shadouge by MingoDog:thumb153042857::thumb153043035:Anti Shadamy by ChichalovescandyAnti sonamy and shadamy stamp by KittyBat1234Anti Silvamy, Sonamy and Shadamy stamp by SilverfanNumberONEJust a point about Shadria by xXDarknessShadowXxAnti ShadowxMaria Stamp by Crimson-Fur52Shadow's not Crazy by LillyCrystalnico robin stamp by ashleighvestia:thumb164787096:stamp Nico Robin by akaiwineStamp - Nico Robin by coffeefanatic3462Stamp of Nico Robin by GueparddeFeuNico Robin by DarkShad00wstamp 2 nico robin one piece by MRTrobin:thumb253812409:One Piece: Nico Robin by TokisamaNico Robin Stamp by CamelieMimikastamp 3 nico robin one piece by MRTrobinstamp 1 nico robin one piece by MRTrobinStamp of Robin 3D2Y by GueparddeFeuRobin Stamp by xXNami-sanXx:thumb209320260::nico robin stamp: by latino-stockNico Robin Stamp by 1121994RObiN 1 by Nekome66Stamp 75 Nico Robin by NobumeStamp Sanji x Robin by MiaKa-CiDRobin and Franky Stamp by Colhan3000Robin Portada 540 Stamp by Ibu-kiRobin Stamp by XxKarinUchihaxXStamp - Frobin by coffeefanatic3462ZoroxRobin - Stamp by KaorulovFrobin Stamp by ashleighvestiaMugiwara Kaizoku Stamp by coffeefanatic3462Straw Hat Pirate Love by DefectiveCandyRobin Stamp by FlowerNinjaAFrankyxRobin stamp by HalloweenStar669ZoroRobin - Stamp by KaorulovStraw Hat Pirates stamp by sturmsoldat1Straw Hat Pirates stamp by sturmsoldat1Buggy Stamp by SirCrocodileBuggy Stamp Portada 547 by Ibu-kiBuggy the Clown Stamp by SirCrocodileTHE Captain. stamp. by LadyCibiaThe Red and The Clown .stamp. by LadyCibia:thumb157953805:stamp-trafalgar law by BurbujitafdejabonLaw Fan Stamp III by Sakura-san17Law Stamp by Kobatsu:thumb158188633::thumb159178650:One Piece Stamp #1 by Lucrx:thumb356456232:155 - Cyndaquil by MarlenesstampsLove Cyndaquil by princeofpixelsCyndaquil Starter Stamp by A9er9erWOLF#155 Cyndaquil Stamp by Cyanide-TeaMy First Pet Was Cyndaquil by NateFoxCyndaquil stamp by HikariOkamiCyndaquil Stamp. by livinladolcevitaCyndaquil Fan stamp by odihemay6:thumb310923538:Typhlosion Stamp by Oreobytes#157 Typhlosion Stamp by Cyanide-Tea#156 Quilava Stamp by Cyanide-TeaRiolu Stamp by NoNamepjeRiolu Stamp2 by NoNamepje447 - Riolu by MarlenesstampsRiolu Stamp by PFV0-StampStamp - Riolu by EvadollLucario Fan stamp by Milestailsprower2991Lucario by Cathines-StampsLucario Love Stamp by SquirtleStampsLucario Stamp by LucarioAuraGuardianLucario SS-Brawl Stamp by newperson3245234Zorua stamp by Zorua570 - Zorua by MarlenesstampsZorua Stamp 2 by KevfinCrying Zorua stamp by salanchu571 - Zoroark by MarlenesstampsZoroark stamp by ingart15Zoroark Fan Stamp by Z0R0KDark type pokemon stamp by zubbheart501 - Oshawott by MarlenesstampsOshawott Love by Pikachu-And-UmbreonOshawott stamp by SilverLucario12Oshawott stamp by Noodle980926I choose Oshawott Stamp by KingdomKiraDewott Stamp by KevfinDewott Stamp by B33BSamurott Stamp by Kevfin503 - Samurott by Marlenesstamps503-2 Samurott Stamp by Pokestamps503-1 Samurott Stamp by PokestampsShiny Rayquaza by MarlenesstampsShiny Rayquaza No. 384 by TheStampKingRayquaza stamp by KyuzethShiny Rayquaza Stamp by Waffle217Rayquaza-Stamp by Dinoclaws443 - Gible by Marlenesstampsgible stamp by PFV0-Stamp444 - Gabite by MarlenesstampsGabite Stamp by PFV0-Stamp445 - Garchomp by MarlenesstampsGarchomp stamp 2 by JontukkaGarchomp Stamp by PFV0-StampPikachu Love Stamp by SquirtleStampsPikachu by postmortumm:: Pikachu Fan Stamp :: by Sweetie-ChanPikachu Stamp by lightpurgePikachu Stamp by Kezzi-RosePikachu fan stamp by Elik-ChanDarkrai Stamp by ice-fireDarkrai by Cathines-StampsDarkrai stamp by Wierdtails491 - Darkrai by MarlenesstampsDarkrai Love Stamp by SquirtleStampsDarkrai Stamp by 0WN-Alex-PwnStamp - Darkrai by Evadoll649 - Genesect by MarlenesstampsGenesect Stamp by DalekSec1Shiny Genesect by MarlenesstampsGenesect: #649 by DJ-CatsumeVictini by Miya902494 - Victini by MarlenesstampsPokemon - Victini :Stamp: by KooboriSapphireVictini stamp by salanchu:thumb209138744::thumb281565395:Eevee's Stamp by Szkot-ayeEevee Stamp by EeveeQueenJigglypuff133 - Eevee by Marlenesstamps134 - Vaporeon by Marlenesstamps136 - Flareon by Marlenesstamps135 - Jolteon by Marlenesstamps197 - Umbreon by Marlenesstamps

Took it from: Sharks-want-HUGS 

Freddy Fazbear:

[x] You can be sneaky and trick people
[] You're considered 'tough' or 'in charge'
[] Nobody messes with you
[] You like to sing, even if you're good or bad at it
[] You like having all the attention
[] Many people look up to you 


Chica the Chicken:
[ ] You like cooking
[x] You simply adore food/eating
[x] Pizza is one of your favorite foods 
[ ] You're very social
[x] You like to make new friends
[ ] You're an early bird; you get up and move around quickly


Bonnie the Bunny:
[x] You're almost considered the third wheel
[x] You're very concerned about your friends and family and those you love
[x] People underestimate you
[x] You're tougher than you look
[ ] You're physically disabled/have a born problem
[x] You become attached to your friends and will stop at nothing to protect them


Foxy the Pirate Fox:
[x] You're adventurous 
[x] You're shy and closed off to those you aren't close to
[x] You are afraid of making mistakes
[ ] You're swift and nimble
[ ] You've done something that's ruined your entire life
[x] You hate being watched


Toy Freddy:
[ ] You've replaced someone
[ ] Looks can be deceiving to you
[x] People say you look very friendly
[ ] Your friends say you're scary when angry
[x] You can tell when someone's lying 
[ ] It's hard to get around you without punishment


Toy Chica:
[ ] You've replaced someone
[] You love fashion
[ ] You like to look your best and put on makeup
[ ] You love to party
[x] You like cupcakes
[x] You have a very watchful eye


Toy Bonnie:
[ ] You've replaced someone
[ ] People often mistake you for the opposite gender 
[ ] You are very clever 
[ ] You've copied a certain style or look from someone
[x] You're constantly on the move
[x] It's hard to shake you off once you're onto something


Mangle / Toy Foxy:
[ ] You've been abused
[x] People pick on you
[x] Your bite is worse than your bark
[x] You feel alone
[x] You don't like it when people push you around (who does?)
[] You hold grudges 


The Puppeteer / Marionette:
[x] People say you're a trickster or a clown; you're goofy
[] You know a lot more than people think you do 
[x] You don't like to lose your cool
[ ] Some people say you're evil or two-faced
[x] You are pretty good at solving things 
[x] In the end, you like having the last laugh


Balloon Boy:
[ ] You act like a child
[ ] You know how to get on peoples' nerves
[ ] You enjoy making people irritated
[ ] Some people say you're immature
[x] You laugh at a lot of things, even if some people don't find it funny
[x] You like to stick close to your friends


Golden Freddy:
[ ] You're a downright outcast
[x] You feel forgotten
[ ] You like to strike when people least expect it
[ ] People say you're one of a kind
[ ] Something terrible happened to you in your past 
[x] You have something unique that sets you away from other people


I'm mostly Bonnie, didn't know I am like my lil baby XD I love Bonnie~
I'm surprised being the puppet though, he terrifies me....... Not surprised on being either of the foxy's
  • Mood: Happy
  • Listening to: Synthetic Agony
  • Reading: One Piece
  • Watching: One Piece
  • Playing: FNAF's and FNAF's2
  • Eating: chicken sandwiches
  • Drinking: Coffee

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